Customer Reviews

Jan 31 2018

Concierge Financial services was excellent to work with! I had a very positive experience. Anthony was great to work with and explained things wonderfully. I would defiantly recommend.

-Carmen G

Jan 31 2018

At my age I have learned to be careful doing any financial business online, so I was a little worried when Concierge Financial Services sent me an offer in the mail to get my finance rate lowered, I called them and a young man named Anthony M. took my information and in a day had an answer for me. They were able to lower my interest rate from 27% to 5%. I will tell you now it was fast and easy! They are saving me tons of money! Now I will tell you they have a fee, but it is worth every penny and it was not that much considering how much they saved me. (well over 10 grand) over the period of the loan and it is with a Credit Union now instead of a finance company that was compounding my interest daily instead of annual. They are friendly and want the Customer to get the best service possible. Anthony M. is very good at his job and I am sure he will help you as much as he helped me. Thanks Anthony! and Thanks Concierge Financial Family that helped me out of a deep financial hole I never thought I would come out of. Also they are military friendly! Please let them help you, like they helped me.

-Joseph B

Jan 30 2018

Concierge is the best people I have encountered, and I am happy to do business with them, I will certainly tell my friends and colleagues, the word has to get out to others about this facility and the good service the offer,, many thanks to them and will use them again.

-Moses R

Jan 23 2018

They have been very friendly and so helpful and they explained everything to you and help out as much as they Mr.Anthony ******** Lending Coordinator Concierge Financial Services is such a sweetheart and is willing to get you all the help you need.

-Rosa M

Jan 18 2018

I have had the best experience ever with Concierge Financial Services. The refinance process for my auto loan was quick, efficient and easy.

-Candice M.

Jan 09 2018

Great Service with exceptional kindness to help you with future goals in mind!!!

-Jeremy M.

Jan 03 2018

Don't know if I'm approve yet but like the way I was able to talk to someone direct and what ever the outcome on there dission it's fine with me but hoping for the best and wil like to thank them for the opportunity

-Carl E

Dec 12 2017

I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but Anthony and his team took care of me. Fast and easy. Better results than I could have expected. Thanks you guys

-David K

Nov 22

Just recently refinanced with CFS and couldn’t be more pleased with the service and the outcome. I came with a 23% apr rate which is now less than 5% and a car payment that was $450 and now I’m paying $170 less. A couple phone calls and emails and nothing was difficult to accomplish. The costumer service was AMAMZING, I want to thank Jaime for dealing with all my troubles and helping me out immensely!!! Also, thank you to Edgar for the short amount of time I talked to him. Both were incredible and I HIGHLY recommend! I always thought I would never be able to get out of that crazy car payment, but I did with the help of these amazing people and CFS! Yours truly, A very satisfied customer

-Jessica V.

Nov 22

Anthony and Co. are great. Concierge should come out with a book titled as such. Thanks!!!

Nov 21

Great experience! I felt like they really cared about me! They helped  with every question. They called back without hesitation. I would recommend their services to my friends! Overall excellent experience! Thank you Edgar and Anthony

-John W

Nov 13

It was a good experience with concierge financial service coordinators Anthony and Edger

-Luis S.

Nov 12

I would like to thank Concierge Financial Service for doing a fantastic job on refinancing my automobile loan. My APR was very high, and now it is at a reasonable amount. I would recommend their service to anyone. Thank you again.

-Randall M

Nov 8

Concierge Financial Services sent me two "pre-qualified" letters in the mail. Everyone always told me I was pretty much stuck with an 18% interest rate and a $400 car payment for an older car. So the first notice I ignored and then said it was worth the try the second time. When I called in I spoke with ANTHONY. He was very attentive and listened to everything I had to say. He explained the company and then gave me my options. I didn't feel forced into signing a deal, I could tell he was trying to help for the best of my benefit. Throughout the whole process he stayed in contact with me and I was APPROVED. I am so thankful for the Concierge family and THANK YOU ANTHONY

-Shantell J.

Nov 2

Thank you very much CFS for helping me refinance my vehicle, you have saved me from a predatory bank who was killing me with interest. I would like to give special thanks to Anthony  who helped me during the application process, he is a real people person and is genuinely concerned with helping people. Overall I am very satisfied with the service CFS provided and will definitely recommend them to anyone I can.

-Iker U.

Oct 31

Anthony handled my loan application and he was extremely helpful in getting my loan approved. Anthony was very knowledgeable and his expertise saved me $150 per month in loan payments. As I told him, he is my new best friend. I should also mention the office manager Jennifer who was also quite helpful and even stayed late one evening to help process my loan.

-Alan S

Oct 24

Anthony  made my process so easy along with edwin very very great experience I can't say enough about your company excellent. Great customer service will recommend. Your company to every one thanks again.


Oct 20

It was a very simple process. A few phone calls and text messages and I was approved. Everyone that I dealt with we're both courteous and professional. I definitely recommend them.


Oct 19

I recently refinanced my car loan with Concierge Financial Services. The three (3) people that were involved with this refinancing process were: Anthony, Edgar, and John. My experience with all three of these individuals were wonderful. Anything that I did not understand, they genuinely took the time needed to fully explain everything to me and made sure I understood every aspect of refinancing my vehicle. I am very satisfied with their services and I highly recommend Anthony, Edgar John and Concierge Financial Services, to anyone who is interested in refinancing their auto loan.


Sept. 30

Anthony  was a great help and made me very confident in my choice!!!!

Garrett N

Sept. 21

Anthony was the representative i dealt with when i refinanced my ***** loan. I have to say that he was very professional and helpful. The process was very fast. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for financing.

Nancy H

Sept. 7

It was a good experience having business with you guys.i am so satisfied how they take care of my questions.

Sept. 1

Anthony, He did a great job explained everything to me I was very happy

Enrique S.

Aug 23

This company concierge financial has truly helped me out I would like to give a big thank you to Anthony. Thanks a lot you guys I truly appreciate it.

Devan C.

Aug  7

am extremely happy with the service I have been given by Concierge Financial. Jaime was very kind and patient while walking me through the process. I will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and relatives.

Sue S

June 23

     Anthony at Concierge Financial Services was very helpful, friendly, and professional in helping me get my auto loan refinanced at a lower interest rate. I would recommend them to anyone. The only negative I have is the fee that they charge for doing the loan. It is a little high in my book. Other than that I would do business with them again.

Robert V

June 21

   It was a very pleasant experience dealing with Concierge Financial Services. Everyone I spoke with was pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable. Edgar and John were very helpful which made this much easier than I anticipated. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to friends and family.

Gilbert L

June 12

   I had a great experience with Concierge Financial services while refinancing my automobile. Anthony was instrumental in handling my application, and helping me through the process. After approval, the processing went just as he explained. I am grateful for the new opportunity, and the financial relief.

Jerromy S.

June 9

  It was a great experience dealing wirh Anthony everything is great thanks for your help

Michael M.

June 7

       Anthony  coordinated my loan and was a pleasure to work with. He was very polite, respectful, and knowledgeable. The entire loan process went from application status to fully funded in less than a week. Outstanding job Anthony and all at concierge who made my experience one to recommend to any and everyone!

Heu Ly

June 4

    Concierge Financial Services delivered a great refinancing package beyond my expectation. I was truly impressed by their efficiency and Anthony expertise and refreshing communicative skills in coordinating a fast process while catering to my needs every step of the way.

Marlon N

May 23

     Thanks to Anthony at Concierge Financial Services. I can now save $100 dollars on refinanced car loan. The best part, it was much easier then other companies to get straight answer. Thanks guys!!


May 4 2017

    Anthony and a few others were very helpful and informative in throughout the process of refinancing my auto loan. Very low stress

Terron R

May 3 2017

   I recently did business with Anthony, he helped me with my auto loan refinance. I was at a 22% then they got me down below 5%. I highly recommend them for your business I've already recommended few friends

-Brandon M

Mar. 27 2017

   I contacted Anthony at concierge services for a refinance . My experience with dealing with him was great , he explained everything to me and answered all my questions even after calling and calling with more questions . He was very accommodating to my needs . I would definitely do business with them for future needs .

-Nick N

Mar. 26 2017

Yolanda and Egar were a great help and keep in touch through with me the whole process. I would work work with this team again and again.


Mar. 4 2017

I was taken care by professionals...thanks..

-Oscar M

Mar. 3

"Anthony  was very helpful. I had an interest rate of 20% and he was able to get my interest rate to 4.24% I've been denied by multiple companies when I tried to refinance, but Concierge Financial Services is the real deal."

Lyrena O

Mar. 1

"Anthony was amazing, along with his supporting staff. Very personable, honest, and most of all helpful. Every question was answered without feeling like details were left out. I left every phome conversation feeling I was making the right decision on using them as my Auto lone provider!"

Michael C.

Feb. 8

"It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Anthony. I wasn't sure if I would be able to refinance my auto loan but he worked with me to make it happen. Thank you so much Anthony it truly was my pleasure."

Robin M

Feb. 6

"I had a very smooth and easy time refinancing my car with Anthony. He was very attentive and considerate. He walked me step by step through the process and I'm very happy with the refinancing he obtained for me.. His customer service skills are impeccable and please let him know how awfully thankful I am for all his assistance."


Jan. 21

 "I am very happy with the quality of service i got from Concierge Financial Services. Anthony (lending coordinator) was extremely helpful. He kept me posted with updates and communicated with me during the different steps of the process. I didn't feel like a target. I felt like he really wanted to help. I also would like to thank John (executive loan specialist) who was extremely patient and knowledgeable with answering the many questions i had, since it was my very first time refinancing anything before. I would definitely call this company again at ease hoping to either speak with them or with the expectation that I'll be getting someone with the same amount of concern and knowledge for what i seek as these two men showed me this week."


Jan 10

"Everyone that I worked with was nice and very willing to help with all my questions. Explained all the fees and what Interest , payment I would have. Anthony was very helpful."

Janis Mcculloch

Jan. 6

"I am so pleased with the customer service and care that Anthony has given. He was on top of the whole process and the kindness he showed to my husband and me was a step above what I think was required of him."

Linda O

Jan. 5

"I had a very positive experience with Julian handling all necessary documents in a timely matter, as well as saving me a lot of interest from my previous loan. Julian is a true asset to your company."

Jack R.

Nov. 28

"Refinanced my 2011 Silverado with no hassle."


Nov. 17

 "I would like to say you guys made it easy and painless. I want to especially thank Anthony from England. He was a fun guy to talk too. He was honest and very professional."

Jason Buboltz

Nov. 10

"Authony  was a great help in prossesing this loan, he was very respectful at all times, I would recommend Concierage financial Services to any person that needs a loan . I personaly give them A+ rating. thank you Authony."

f. l.

July 27,

"Concierge Financial Services provides first class service to their clients. Happy to be one of them. "

L. B.

Mar. 22, 2016

"Amazing staff always willing to help and available at whatever time you need them. They got me a great APR. Mine was 16.8 and it went down to 3.99!!! I will definitely work with them again."

Nai Pablo

Mar. 4,

"Very satisfied with the service provided. They were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend them hands down."

A. M.

Mar. 4, 2016

"I was more than pleased with the service provided. They offered a much lower interest rate when I refinanced and everything was completed in two days. I recommend this company anytime."

Augie R. Marquez

Feb. 24, 2016

"Amazing company that wants to help you and your situation get better, mine did in 2 days. I went from 16.99% to 2.99%, saved me a lot of money and time. Thanks Tom & John, I'll be referring everyone I know to you guys. Thanks."


Feb. 18, 2016

"Concierge Financial Services helped me to get a significantly lower interest rate on my vehicle when I refinanced it. The Reps are very attentive and really have your best interest at heart. My Rep, Pam, worked hard to find a company that would refinance my vehicle. Not only did I get a lower interest rate I also got a gap warranty and extended coverage warranty for repairs. I had an issue a couple of months after closing and when I called the office I was directed to Mr. Domin, who responded promptly to get the issue resolved. I am recommending Concierge Financial Services to friends and family and anyone looking to get the best deal on an auto refi."

T. Johnson

Jan. 15, 2016

"I'm tremendously satisfied with all of the exceptional service I was provided especially from Michael Mesirow. I feel he went above and beyond and got me a rate to where all I could do is smile. I really appreciate all of your companies efforts and thanks again Michael, I look forward to doing business with you soon."


Jan. 6, 2016

"Michael Mesirow was a Great help. Would highly recommend."


Jan. 5, 2016

"I'm very pleased that you guys helped me save money, also the communication with your staff was great."


Jan. 4, 2016

"Mr. John King was a great person to deal with. Extremely polite and very professional."


Dec. 30, 2015

"I received a mailing from Concierge one day and was going to toss it in the trash thinking I may not get approved so why waste my day I said the heck with it and decided to apply. I received a phone call within hours to complete my application. The process was SUPER FAST!!!! I was approved same day. My loan specialist, Michael Mesirow was friendly and always available to answer my questions."


Dec. 23, 2015

"I have nothing but all positive things to say not only did they knock a hundred dollars a month and lowered my apr by 13 percent and I went from owing 40000 to only 31 but the 3 months no payments were great to. Worked fast and I couldn't be happier!!!"


Dec. 18, 2015

"Michael Mesirow was very helpful in the recent refinancing of my automobile. He wnt over step by step the procedures of acquiring the loan, the application itself and the advantages it provided as well as the huge savings in the finance charge over the period of the loan."


Dec. 17, 2015

"Michael Mesirow was extremely informative and helpful during my refinance process with you guys. I myself am a sales rep who provides service to customers so I am very big on service and can be hard to please but he exceeded my expectations. i will definitely have nothing but good things to say about you guys,  depending on how the loan process play out thru the term of the loan. Thanks!"


Nov. 17, 2015

" First I was a little skeptical about the offer I received in the mail from Concierge, but my credit is average and Santander had me hostage at a 22%APR.  So I thought I'd give Concierge a try.  Immediately after calling them, Joey was the person who helped me and he was incredibly helpful explaining the process and the details of refinancing.  Shortly after I submitted all my information I had a follow up with Jenn, and was also outstanding.  My review might be a little biased since I'm now saving lots of miney every month and I'm beyond happy.  Until the process was completed I was still concerned this was all a scam, but I was also hopeful things would work out.  Now I don't know how to thank these guys for saving me money that I can now put towards my education.  I'd buy them lunch and drinks if they were from Massachusetts!  Joey and might not understand how important your work is for people who work so hard to pay their bills and keep food on the table.  This offer could not have arrived at a better time.  Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!


Oct. 27, 2015

"Very awesome finance company!  Thanks John King for helping us!"

Kimberly S.

Sept.23, 2015

"I received a letter in the mail about refinancing my auto.  I called and spoke with John King who walked me through the entire process.  It's funny because each time I called he would see that it was me and would be calling me on the other line.  I felt as if we were related I called him so much. He was so helpful, polite, courteous, understandable and knowledgeable.  John returned my calls and emails promptly and advised me of what to expect next.  Thank you John for being who you are."

Diana W.

Aug. 9, 2015

"The Executive Loan Specialist, Michael, was so awesome.  He was professional yet very caring at the same time. He seemed joyful to save us money!  I would recommend Concierge Financial Services to anyone I know and more so give Michael's information.  I felt like family rather than a customer.  Thank you!"

Yesenia Taplin.

Jul. 16, 2015

 “I found this company to be very good.  Always was responsive throughout the whole process.  Frankly, they exceeded my expectations as a financial organization. Do your home work before engaging with any company. Concierge Financial Services I can most certainly recommend. I worked with Pam ans she was fantastic to work with. Thank you.”

Scott Huxley.

Jul. 11, 2015

"OMG!!!  This company is amazing.  I was skeptical at first, but working with Dina instantly relaxed my thinking of this was a scam.  She was very very helpful with her reassurance that everything would be all right.  She answered all my questions and even helped with the computer over the phone.  She followed up with me all the time during the waiting process.  She made refinancing my car loan very easy. I would recommend he to all my friends!"

Vera P.

Jul. 1, 2015

 “Fast and friendly service with great staff!!  We would definitely recommend this to our friends and family. Thanks again Concierge Financial Services."

Singtoth Ratsavongsy.

Jun.25, 2015

"I would say this was the easiest way to refinance my car.  A very good experience. I was a little uncertain, but this worked for us and we are very happy."

Dom Russo.

Jun. 17, 2015

 “I called Concierge Financial Services to refinance my automobile loan and I do not regret doing it one bit. Both Jessica and Pete were very helpful on the phone, they followed through the loan process with me very courteously and professionally.  I needed help with the online loan application and Jessica took her time, over the phone, to guide me through it.  The whole process went seamlessly.  One of the best customer service experiences I’ve had.”

Jose B.

Jun. 15, 2015

 “Michael is an excellent advisor and it was a great pleasure doing business with him.”

Lindsay C.

Jun. 10, 2015

 “I worked with Michael and he was very knowledgeable and a pleasure. I had a positive experience, I would recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.”

Rheba D.

Jun. 09, 2015

 “I bought a used car last year and I was looking to refinance because my interest rate was at 17%. More than half my payment went towards just interest. Then I got a letter from Concierge Financial Services saying they can lower my monthly payment by $100 and lower my interest rate to 3.49%, I called them and talked to Michael. He was extremely helpful and guided me through the complete process. He made it an easy process and answered every question I had. He got me out of my old loan. I higly recommend this company. They will get you out of your current loan and into a fair loan.”

Ronald Garcia.

Niki J., Waddell, AZ

May 30, 2015

"Concierge Financial Services and John were great.  They got my car refinanced just about 6 months after I purchased it.  Went from a 15.99% interest rate to a 6.24% interest rate, and from a $455.62 car payment to a $324.09 car payment.  I am very happy and appreciative to these guys."

Mark Diaz.

May 27, 2015

"Smooth easy process!  Michael was very knowledgeable and helpful.  I would recommend CFS to everyone!"

James R.

May 26, 2015

"They were great and got me what I needed and wanted very quickly.  I would like to thank Michael for everyting he did to get the job done.  Grade A service."

Keith Pyle.

May 13, 2015

 “My name is Francisco, and I just want to thank Concierge Financial Services for the great job they did! Special thanks to Jessica, she is very helpful and sweet. She kept in touch through the entire process. She helped me since the beginning to the end. Concierge brought down my high interest rate from 18% to 5.79%. I never expected that, due to my bad credit. I definitely recommend Concierge Financial Services. Congrats CFS.”

Francisco J M.

Apr. 28, 2015

 “I worked with a Michael from this company and was very pleased with his professionalism. I had a very positive experience with this company. Thank you Concierge Financial Services.

Shari R.

Apr. 22, 2015

 “I was very happy with the service of Concierge Financial Services. My loan specialist Michael was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

David B.

Apr. 03, 2015

 “I would recommend Concierge Financial Services to anyone looking to finance their vehicle.  My Executive Loan Specialist was very friendly and knowledgeable.  We were in constant communication until the re-finance of the vehicle was complete.  She was excellent to work with and I would definitely do business with Concierge in the future.”

Lillian B.

Mar. 16, 2015

“I would like to commend my loan consultant Michael with concierge financial services. He was personable, easy to talk to knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He made my refinancing easy and answered all my questions and concerns immediately! This was a great experience and I will definitely use them again in the future and recommend them to everyone in need of financial services. Thanks Michael for your professional positive and helpful assistance.”

Theresa P.

Mar. 12, 2015

“I have Concierge Financial Services for a refinance of my car loan. I was put in touch with Mike.  He was great to work with, he took the time to fully explain the whole process. He couldn't had been any easier to work with .He was able to lower my interest rate buy 1.5%. . I would recommend Concierge for their services.”

Bob S.

Mar. 09, 2015

”I was leery of some companies that offer to get lower rates on refinancing my car so I gave up until Concierge came along, especially Michael.  He was great and also got me an excellent rate.  I will be referring everyone I know to them.”

David B.

Mar. 06, 2015

“I refinanced my 09 truck with the help of Anthony.  He did an outstanding job, answered all of my questions and helped me understand all the things I did not know. I would highly recommend Concierge to anyone that is looking for a great experience while going through this process.”

Gary G.

Mar. 06, 2015

“We received a letter in the mail informing us of the possibility to save money by refinancing our auto loan. From the very beginning, Concierge worked very hard to answer our questions in a non-threatening or pushy manner, then helped us secure a new loan with a dramatic reduction in rate, resulting in significant savings. I cannot speak highly enough about the job they did start to finish.”

Kenneth A.

Mar. 05, 2015

“Due to a low credit score rating, I was given a high interest rate on my current auto loan. Looking to refinance my unfavorable auto loan, and totally coincidentally, I was mailed a loan solicitation from Concierge.  I was skeptical that they could help, but I filled out the online form and awaited a return call.  A loan officer called me back the next day and informed that she would be working to find a lender to lower my interest rate. ‘Sure thing’ I thought.  To my surprise she found me a loan that was 10% less than my current loan (new loan is only 3.4%).  All of this took less than a week and with minimal effort.  I am super pleased with the service and the time they took to find me a loan. Most lenders would have looked at my average credit score and probably not have wasted their time. Thank you for your help!”

Gary B.

Feb. 28, 2015

“I just recently had a wonderful experience with Concierge Financial services. The customer service that they provided me with was exceptional.  I believe they are hard- working and professional, yet down to earth and really care about clients. My main goal was to save money and that was accomplished. I would definitely recommend Concierge to all who are looking to refinance. Thanks again!”

Adrean H.

Feb. 20, 2015

“I recently refinanced my car with Concierge Financial Services and it was a very easy process.  They made the whole process very easy, did all the work, all I had to do was return the required information that was requested and the loan was approved within three days.  I was able to save three and a half percent of the interest rate on my loan. Thank you so much for everything you did.”

Robert B.

Feb. 10, 2015

“I've had a pretty great experience with Concierge Financial Services. They reached out to me to offer their services in getting me a better interest rate and payment on my auto loan, but they did so in a very respectful way.  I received one letter with their offer and was not bombarded by any unwanted telemarketing or spam.  Contacting them was very easy, and I was able to work with a single person through the entirety of my application.  She made the process very simple, and was extremely helpful in answering my questions and making sure it was easy for me to keep track of and understand what was happening during each step.  I would definitely recommend that anyone who qualifies for their refinancing program to contact them and explore the options available.”

Christopher H.

Concierge Auto Brokers

Lori G., Oakland Park, FL

Feb. 10, 2015

“Me and my husband were highly impressed by how fast our account was handled.  Our ELS was very patient and helpful and answered all our questions. Our credit was not the best, but despite that he was able to find us a credit union who was willing to finance us and our APR went from 22.39% to 8.99%, giving us a savings of over $10,000.  We just recently got married and these savings will allow us to take that honeymoon we weren't able to afford.”

Cora Breazil

Feb. 05, 2015

“I was very apprehensive about using Concierge Financial Services when I was first contacted by them, due to the fact that it's an internet based company.  I expressed that to the Loan Specialist I worked with and she was very understanding & gave me a ton of information to be able to research them.  I was quickly able to see that they are a reliable business.  I have now completed my refinance & it will save me $4000 + on our car loan.  She was great to work with & I would & will recommend them to anyone.”

Rebecca C.

Feb. 04, 2015

“Concierge Financial Services informs its customers verbally and in writing about the conditions of its car refinancing program.  I was able to lower my interest rate by 4 percentage points with Concierge Financial Services. The Loan Specialist was a very capable person to deal with.  I had a very positive experience with Concierge.  I would definitely recommend Concierge Financial Services for your car refinancing needs.”


Feb. 03, 2015

“This process worked seamlessly.  We received a timely response and a great rate - better than we anticipated.  Our rep kept us informed along the way and called us several times with new/updated information.  I was, at first, leery of doing this all online, but this was a fantastic experience.”

Chris M.

Feb. 02, 2015

“All I remember is my Loan Specialist and the excellent service she gave me.  Not only did she lower my interest rate to 6 percent from my ugly 18 percent, but she made me feel as if I were family.  People like this are well needed in the customer service field.  Perky and friendly.  She came across so genuine and guided me through the steps to refinance with her team at Concierge Financial Services. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”


Jan. 16,  2015

“My experience with Concierge was very much positive.  From the start, they inspired confidence in me throughout the process of refinancing my loan.  Doing business online can be daunting and somewhat nerve wracking; but such notions were quickly dispelled.  I would call on Concierge and do business with them again in a heartbeat!”

Mark L.

Jan. 13,  2015

“Concierge Financial Services was very professional and able to cut my Interest rate on my car loan by %50.  They did an outstanding job in communicating what was needed from me to complete the process and the loan went through in a very timely fashion.”

Kevin S. 

Concierge Auto Brokers

Roger Eggert  

"Thank you for all your help Mike!"

Deirdre Max Van Liere  

"Pete was great to work with, thanks for all your help!"

Vivian Yasona Babar  

"To Pete, thank you for helping my husband refinance his car. You're really a great help to us."

Shaena Perrone  

"Thank you Mr. Miserendino for being such a big help!"

Jamie Miller Campagnolo      

“I highly recommend Pete. Not often are you afforded the opportunity to work with a true professional that exceeds expectations!”

Roland Hankton 

“Joshua Robinson, thank you so much for the great service that you provided Susan and me. We can’t thank you enough for the service you provided and the money that you will be saving us, awesome work dude.”

David Clark     

“Michael A. Sinacola was awesome to work with.  He helped me along the way and was very easy to talk to and he explained everything so well.  Left nothing to chance and was there to get all the correct information.”

Mark Josephsen 

“Great people!! Great service!! Best in the business!”

Concierge Auto Brokers

Rich and Diane M., Orlando FL

Jan. 08,  2015

“Very pleased with Concierge.  They made the process very simple.  I was notified that I was eligible for a significant auto loan rate reduction.  I was asked a few simple questions.  The process was stress free and now I have a terrific new low auto loan rate.  I highly recommend concierge if anyone is looking to save money on a new lower rate auto loan refinance.”

Dominic M.

Dec. 15, 2014

“My husband and I worked with Anthony at Concierge and we were very pleased with everything.  He kept us informed of progress or things needed.  Our loan went through very quickly.  He is very pleasant and we truly enjoyed working with him.  I would highly recommend this company.  They saved us money monthly and lowered our interest!”

Michelle D.

Dec. 12, 2014

“We worked with Concierge on a refinance and our credit was a little rough. Some things on our credit report were not updated yet. They helped us get them the right info to clear the issue up.  They were able to get us a 3.99% loan that we were absolutely thrilled with as our former loan was at 18%.  All said and done it was easy we sent info through email and mailed the title to them to update as we are not located in the same state.  We will definitely use them again in the future for car loans.”

Julie H.

Dec. 11, 2014

“I have had a quite pleasant experience w/Concierge. Very satisfied I am.  Above and beyond customer service.  Would definitely recommend this company. Absolutely.”

Teasha Rae

Dec. 11, 2014

“They helped get me out of a high interest loan, and into one with a very low interest rate.  I am extremely happy in my decision to use this company's services. The loan specialist that worked with me, was simply amazing.  She worked with me until we found the best solution for me, which was a pleasant surprise.  All-around great experience.”

Jonathan S.

Dec. 10, 2014

“I just refinanced my vehicle with Concierge and was very happy with the help and professionalism I received from Michael.  He's a great representative of the company and I was very glad he was the person I dealt with.”

Jimmy M.

Dec. 09, 2014

“I worked with Concierge on refinancing to a lower rate, and I am very satisfied!  I was able to drop my rate down from $282 per month, to $240 without putting any additional money down.  What I DID buy, was a GAP insurance plan, to further protect my investment (which they offered).  I was able to roll this payment into my new financing, and now I pay $250 monthly.  Concierge works with a credit union in Michigan, where I live.  My interest rate dropped from 11% to 1.99%. Michael was the ELS who handled my inquiries.  He was always very prompt at returning my calls, or contacting me ASAP if something additional was needed, etc.  I highly recommend you give them a call and see what they can do for you.  I've still got 59 more months on the full term of my loan.  So in essence they saved me about $2000 for simply giving them a call, and filling out some paperwork! Nice!”

Kyle D.

Dec. 09, 2014

“I received a pre-approval in the mail from Concierge (like many others) offering to refinance my vehicle.  After trying other banks who sent me pre-approvals just to be let down, I decided to try one more time and gave Concierge a call.  I spoke with Mike and he was very diligent and had great knowledge.  I gave him all of my information and he said he would get back with me in a couple of days.  I didn't have to do a follow up with him, he called me back as stated with great news.  He was able to save me close to $200.00 per month.  The transaction went smooth and all the while he was very professional.  Thanks Mike.”

Errick C.

Dec. 04, 2014

“I was so blessed when I used Concierge Auto Brokers to help me refinance my auto loan.  They walked me thru everything and was always there to answer any of my questions.  I would defiantly refer any of my friends & family to them.  I felt well taken care of.  I knew that they would get my loan taken care of, and done in a timely manner.”

Bird Catherine

Nov. 27, 2014

“I recently refinanced using Concierge Financial Services.  The interest rate I was able to obtain was much lower than the original rate on my loan, and the customer service was great.  Michael was the loan specialist that answered the phone when I first called, he was the only person I talked to throughout the whole process, which was great.  He was very knowledgeable and had an answer for every question I asked.  He either answered his phone every time I called or immediately returned a call when I left him a message.  I received the paperwork for my new loan, the payment and interest rate are exactly what I was quoted.  I would recommend Concierge Financial Services and Michael to anyone looking to refinance an auto loan.”

Michael G. 

Concierge Auto Brokers

The Miller Family, Clarksburg, MD

Jun. 2,  2014

"Working with my assigned ELS was awesome!  He helped lower my rate and patiently explained the process.  He even followed up to make sure I was satisfied. I will recommend RRAP to all my friends!"

William M Hope- Royal Oak, MI.

Feb. 23, 2014

"Dear Tom, Working with your company on refinancing the lease on my Hyundai was a very good experience. I appreciate the personal involvement that you, Joey, and Nick demonstrated. I will recommend your company and look forward to do business with you again in the future. Good luck in all your endeavors. Thanks to all."                                

Rolf Kanig