Concierges Financial Services for lenders

Concierge Financial Services for Lenders

Providing quality refinance and recapture

Concierge Financial Services is an Accredited Business, holding an A+ Rating, with the Better Business Bureau.
Concierge Financial Services has earned a 95 percent customer approval rating through the BBB.
Concierge Financial Services' current PAYDEX with Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp is equal to the present industry median score.

Concierge helps credit unions expand their membership, without adding staff. By leveraging Concierge's diverse marketing approach, credit unions gain access to a new loan channel providing quality refinance and recapture loan applicants with no upfront cost. The turnkey process allows credit unions to stay in control of the applications they wish to pursue while Concierge handles the marketing and fulfillment. Through Concierges' "ILS" (Innovative Lending Solutions) program, lenders will be able to access direct auto loan applications specifically screened to fit their own credit risk portfolios.

Educating our consumers about their motor vehicle finance options is an area we take pride on. We provide exceptional customer service that helps our clients arrive at the best solution for their needs.

Our Solution

Auto Refinance Loan Generation and Production

Concierge generates a constant flow of auto loan refinance and recapture applications through its mature, diverse marketing approach including SEM, SEO, referral programs, strategic partnerships, database marketing, digital advertising, and direct mail.

These pre-screened applications are matched to credit union lenders based on preliminary credit criteria.

Our "ILS" program, allows our credit union partners to not only target the right consumer based upon their predefined credit and underwriting criteria, it also allows them to maintain full control over its loan approval and funding guidelines.

Loan contracts and documents are drawn up in the name of the lender with execution completed by Concierges' administrative staff.

Concierge also helps credit unions recapture auto loans that members have taken with other lenders with pre-screened direct mail, email, and call campaigns.

Concierge offers "Exclusive Territory Rights" to each of our credit union partners based on their Field Of Membership. No competition. We do not shop our applications.

Concierge simplifies the loan acquisition process and enhances a consumers likelihood of finding an auto loan with attractive rates and terms. We accomplish this with a combination of consumer friendly concierge services and strong relationships with our credit union partners.

Concierge works with the customer from the moment they initiate a loan application until their loan is funded and the new lien has been perfected.

Concierges Financial Services for lenders