Motorcycle or RV Refinace

Reduce Your Monthly Payment

Motorcycle and RV Refinance Savings

When you purchased your motorcycle or RV from the dealership, you probably received a higher interest rate than you were eligible for. We will work with our trusted lending network to achieve the best refinance savings for which you qualify. Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly payment, get a lower interest rate, shorten the term of your loan or even take a 2 month vacation from those payments, Concierge Financial Services (CFS) can help!

Concierge Financial Services Loan Guarantee

Lower Interest Rates – Dozens of lending institutions competing to earn your business.
Auto Loan Solutions – We will find the right rates, terms and conditions all with no money down!
One Stop Shopping – No more hours spent hassling at a dealership or on-line researching the right loan for your situation
Refinance your vehicle Concierge

Original Loan

  • Term 72 Months
  • Simple Interest Rate
  • 10.5%
  • Payment $563

New Refinanced Loan

  • Term 72 Months
  • Simple Interest Rate
  • 3.99%
  • Payment $469
  • You Save $6,767

Ready to Apply?

We will need general information not only about yourself, but your current lien holder and the car you wish to refinance as well.

Your Current Loan Information

  • Name of Current Lien Holder
  • Lien Holder's Phone Number
  • Account Number
  • Current Monthly Payment

Vehicle Information

  • Year, Make & Model
  • VIN Number
  • Vehicle’s Current Mileage

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